Good Eats: Sorabol

This is a new series I’ll be doing that reviews restaurants I’ve been to.

This one is a chain from Korea, in the TST shopping district. It’s next to the large shopping mall Miramar, called the I.T. Shops.
Take the escalators to the 4/F, then take the Mira bridge onto the fancy schmancy dining floor.

The wait: 1/5

Awful! If you don’t have reservations, you’ll be stuck outside looking at the hostess in her hangbok…bleh.
Not much to do but look at newspapers and posters…in Korean…yeah.
We spent an hour listening to our stomachs growl.

The food: 5/5

Amazing, positively so. Everything was spicy and hot, just the way Korean food is supposed to be.
We had Kimchee jigae, Soomdooboo jigae, Bibimbap, & Korean Pork/Kimchee Pancake.
The pictures speak for themselves.

Empty good.

Side dishes galore.

Kimchee jigae

Soomdooboo jigae


Korean Pork & Kimchee Pancake

The service: 5/5

Super fast! I was speechless – once you get the orders in, the waiters will have your food ready within minutes if not seconds.
They’ll even mix your bibimbap for you, and cut your pancake. Oh yeah. That’s right.

The atmosphere: 4/5

Nothing special, but nice nonetheless. Pretty traditional setting, lots of wood furniture.

The price: 4/5

Not too bad, 90HKD for Kimchee jigae, 110 HKD for bibimbap. Good quality for the price.
My only regret is that we didn’t get Korean bbq this time.

Verdict: Excellent food worth the price and wait.


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