Oh Mama, Lamma Island

To be kind to our dwindling wallets and to satisfy our wanderlust, our floor in PM whisked ourselves to a little isle off the coast of HK known as the New Territories – Lamma Island to be exact.

While there is little productive to do on this island (is there ever anything ‘productive’ to do on an island?), we managed to stuff ourselves with fresh seafood before the day trip ended. Once off the ferry, we rushed from point a: the toilet to point b: a seafood restaurant. Tip for the less travel savvy – look around for the busiest places to eat, they tend to be popular, delicious, and safe. We feasted on fresh shrimp, curry vermicelli, fried rice, scallops with broccoli, and clams. Everything tasted fresh caught and delictable. The only downside was that the shrimp were not…how shall I say, “de-pooed,” which quickly put a damper on my shrimp ingestion. Otherwise, the meal was a resounding success.


We spent the rest of the day strolling around the island, full of arts and crafts, bars, and markets. I bought a braided bracelet and a statement ring made from a ceramic piece. Gorgeous! We also had some Tofu Hua at a roadside stand before heading off to the beach. While too chilly to wade in the water, I did take off my shoes and climb a nearby tree…yeah, that’s how I do it. ;P

Light tofu covered in ginger syrup...mmMMMmmm

Later, I feasted on roasted pineapple before heading with the group to see the one windmill on the island. Honestly, kind of anticlimactic, but a beautiful view nonetheless.

We ended the day with spicy Thai street food. Again, this confirms my theory that anything on a stick tastes better. I had chicken and beef kebabs, headed off with a huge bag of sliced green Thai mango.

One last stop for some amazing chocolate bread pudding.

The perfect ending to a chilly island adventure. ❤


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