Good Eats: Shake’em Buns

A nook in an alley stair by LKF, Shake’em Buns is arguably one of the tastiest burger joints in the Hong Kong Island area…well, at least so far.

Loosely western themed, the burgers are made at the bar in front of you with Grade A Beef! Not to mention, some awesome decore.

From the menu, I had the Peachie Pink Smoof (their version of a smoothie) and the South of the Border burger. My friend, L, who came with me had the Debbie does Dallas burger. We also shared a plate of San Francisco fries with a side of ranch dressing. Without further ado, here is the review and some lovely pictures.

The Wait: 4/5

Virtually non-exsitent! Just had a bit of a wait for the waiter to get off his smoking break and write down our orders. Otherwise, less than 10 min for juicy, hearty burgers.

The Food: 5/5
Honestly, meat was prime. That’s the key. To top that off, the seasonings were bomb – perfect explosion of salty, sweet, and spicy. Not to mention a rack of Tabasco sauces at every table – restaurant after my own heart. Anyways, sexy food pictures:

Smoothie was light and refreshing, with a splash of guava, compared with the rich burger.
Fries were garlic-y and crisp – the perfect rendition of creamy ranch meets spicy fry. Yum.

Definitely worth a trip!

The Service: 5/5

Fast, courteous, served right from the bar. Perfect!

The Price: 4/5

Not too bad, but about $4 USD for a smoothie and $8USD for the burger. A little pricey for a fast burger joint, but better than gourmet would be. Also, perfect when you have a burger – ache you need to satisfy PRONTO.

The Location: 5/5

Close, from HKU just about 20min walk or 5min minibus. Good place for students to chill out, though seating can be limited. Also, a bit hard to find the first time, due to it’s hidden location. (Though I did see another larger location nearer to the bars).

Verdict: perfect for a quick fix burger. I recommend a burger enthusiast to at least try the fair offered at Shake’em Buns. Delicious, buttery, and done to perfection, these burgers will make your mouth-water. They’re made with love!

Cheers & Good Eats,



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