Good Eats: Holly Brown

The beautiful Holly Brown

Holly Brown

Beautiful, cozy little nook in the middle of Soho, right off of LKF and Cotton-On. Themes of coffee tones and sky blue. Known for their gelato and latte art, Holly Brown is the perfect place to listen to jazz after school or work. A bit more sophisticated, crowd-wise, as they cater to mostly FG’s (finance guys) and the working crew. However, given HKU is just a bus away, students are certainly welcome, as long as we pay the exorbitant prices for gourmet meals and coffee. Alrighty, without further ado then.

In my several trips to Holly Brown, I’ve had their Americano, Cappuccino, Dutch Toast, Honey Toast, and gelato…lots of beautiful, smooth, decadent gelato.

So, let’s gooooo:

Awww yeah…Holly Brown sexiness.

The Wait: 4/5

Not bad, not bad at all, my dear sir. The baristas work at record speeds to churn out piping hot, roasted coffee like yo mama wanted you to have. Son.

The Food: 4.5/5

Let’s see…mmm….AMAZING dessert and coffee…okay regular meals. I’ve had the Turkey and Mozzarella sandwich, which was just regular mediocre nonsense.

ALL about the dessert here. Delicious, delicious toast and gelato. Observe the sexiness:

Dutch Toast

Honey Toast

Holly Brown’s special blue vanilla gelato with chocolate shavings.

Vanilla Thrilla gelato

Onto the coffee then, shall we?

Americano verdict – bitter, black, and beautiful. LOVE it; bit of cream, dash of brown sugar and you’re good to go. Cappuccino? Dear Lord, that stuff is the nectar of life. Not sweet at all, so pick your poison of sugars.

Americano, joah, joah, joah…

Soy mocha and cappuccino

Coffee buttery smooth and not burnt like a certain other establishments…ahem.

Beautiful jazz cafe, beautiful food, beautiful atmosphere – what more could a little hipster Asian girl want? Oh yeah, the gelato. Yeah, that too.

The Service: 5/5

Freaky fast, freaky good…like JJ’s, but way better.

The Price: 3/5

The downfall of HB – geared more towards the finance crowd…not for students with no cash money yo.

Sad beans, ’cause the coffee is AMAZEBALLS.

The Location: 4/5

A little bit out of the way on Stanley St. I believe, in the LKF area of town. Not too shabby, but hard to find if you’re not shopping nearby (Cotton-On FTW) or partying it up in LKF (so you probably don’t want to drink coffee…).  Still, good location, not too ghetto or sophisticated, but the perfect boho vibe. Down the escalators or shabby Old Bailey Rd steps, right before hitting Central Connaught, and you’re there!

Verdict: Perfecto place for coffee if you’re the modern, chic city goer in your mid to late-twenties. Also, perfect for more well-to-do students with jobs. Or, you know, students willing to pay a pretty penny for nicer coffee.


Bon Apetit!

Yue aka Sherry


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