Is it bad that I never want to go home in this moment?

I just want to have adventures…I feel like Bilbo Baggins once he gets outside his Hobbit Hole….I don’t know where my feet will carry me. Tolkien, what a guy. “All those who wander are not lost.” Words to live by.

I just want to swim in the Mediterranean, eat tons of unhealthy, artery-clogging food in Boston, hike in Ireland, drink boba in Taiwan…I want to live out loud and not apologize for it.

As a Christian traveler, I want to see what faith is globally, how people see the world, and how people love each other.

It’s that wanderlust that bites you and keeps you restless…I don’t think home is a physical place, I think home is a place you make or imagine, even a compilation of favorite places. That wicker rocking chair from home in the Parisian cafe with a mug of Thai tea in the middle of Seoul…home is where you make it.

With good food in your stomach, quick and true friends by your side, and an everlasting God in your heart…who isn’t home?

I could wander and not be lost forever…and ever…& always.



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