Here we are again. A new day. What shall you make of it?

Will you dwell in the depths of your past and selfish heart? Will you think only of your own need and profit? Or will you fight against that which your condemned heart wants the most?

After watching the 1986 Cannes Festival Film The Mission, I want to redefine Christianity for the world. Before, it instilled fear in Mayans, Incans, and indigenous tribes. Christian meant power-hungry, rapacious half-human monsters. God, Glory, and Gold? More like gold, greed, and gain…only idle idol worship.

As Christians, I think we missed the point. We missed the point in the past, and we miss it now. Before, Crusaders and Spaniards used Christ as a scapegoat…now, no one even wants to talk about God. We deny his existence in the way that we live, speak, and act.

Suffice to say, I’m convicted. In Hong Kong, I didn’t really live as a Christian. If anything, I gratified my own sinful desires and lusts. I wanted only to live for myself and my own pleasures. God seemed distant in lieu of my own immediate “needs.” How wrong I was, how lost I became. Every desperate grasp at a new found relationship ended in ashes. I sought after lust for love and saw my heart crumble in front of me. Christianity was my blanket that I dragged along beside my sad, bedraggled self. I dirtied the name of Christ in my ill-forsaken escapades.

I was, and still am completely broken. These pieces fell apart long ago, but someone stooped to pick them up, one by one. Only the Potter can look at the shards and see a whole come to life.

Shattered. How can I say I’m sorry?

Incomplete. How can I apologize for my own failures, and that of several generations of failed Christians?

Cracked. How can I go on?

I can, because Christ took it all on himself. He took the misconceptions, the insults, the betrayals – he took the hits for me. Even when I didn’t ask, even when I wasn’t looking, God was. He sought after sinners and He still does. His love is constant and divine – it will never change because, outside the realm of time, God is perfect.

In the brokenness of this world, we cannot hope to find truth or beauty. So often, man seeks to leave a mark on the world, and instead scars it (like in The Fault in Our Stars). So often we grasp, only to leave with heaping mounds of sand, slipping between our fingers.

Our lives are fragile and finite. We are creatures of comfort and habit without honor or glory. We forget, forsake, and fail. We don’t look for higher faculties. Ours is a hopeless, dying and crude race without the love of God.

But in Christ…what love can do…is truly indescribable. We become light in the darkest of nights. The lone missionary in a dictatorship, the one honest business in a corrupt system, the one person willing to stand up to the bully. With Christ, there is courage and will to fight. We no longer become mice, but men and women fierce with the markings of the one true King.

Do not forget who you are serving. Do not forget your purpose. Do not forsake your King.

It is never, never, ever too late to repent. Repent means to change your mind, to turn away and start anew. It can happen at any time or moment. God will always be chasing…but will we be the ones to turn to Him?

So…the Judge stands before the criminal. The guilty party weeps for her murderous deeds. She stretches out a hand which has undone her own bleeding heart. The Judge comes down from His pedestal. He brings out His Son, the Surgeon. The heart, made new again, is clean. The crime undone, the heart renewed.

Our brutality replaced by His beauty, the mark of an artist.

He is the rhythm in our veins and makes art from our mistakes…our Artist.


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