Little Tips for Big Joy

Hey Ladies & Gents!

I’d like to start a series of little posts devoted to maximize the joy in your life. So…what do I mean by joy? Biblically, joy can be described as the comfort of knowing who God is and who He calls us to be. However, I am also of the camp that believes joy is usually accompanied by intense passion of some sort – including the emotional. For example, joy combined with fear might look like courage, whereas joy and sadness might translate into resilience or empathy. But yes..usually, joy is accompanied by happiness!

I guess I just want to share some of my joy with you, blogosphere. ^  ^

Anyways, one of my favorite activities to bring joy to people is taking their pictures. Photoshoots are great times to make memories with good friends, regardless of age difference. Candids in between set up shots always make me smile, reminding me of the time we shared. A & I recently went on a duo photoshoot across downtown, and we had quite the blast. Because we are avid Dr. Who fans, we decided to do a TARDIS theme this time around. The results were both fun and satisfying. We popped into a cute local cafe to have a bite afterwards.

Joy is knowing that God provides. Provision can come in the form of lovely memories with friends. Don’t knock a fun time out just snapping some pictures, not caring how they turn out.

Love & Blessings,




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