The grey area between girl-guy relationships always reaches a head once in a while. & then…what? What amounts to all those one-off moments you’ve accumulated?

This has been on my mind lately, since it’s so very difficult to draw the line when you become good friends with someone, especially someone of the opposite gender. To a certain extent, I believe anyone you’re good friends with, you love them each in a certain way. I love people for their wit, intellect and compassion among many other things.However, this is of course different from a full-on romance or being in love.

So, humor me for a second, this is going to sound goofy. You might have encountered this weird sensation of meaningless, slightly empty flirting. Part of you really enjoys someone’s attention towards you, while the other side feels a bit guilty. Joy from Love&RespectNOW calls this phenomenon “snacking.” You know, of the junk food variety. It’s not really good for you, but it’s kind of a bad habit. You just really like the feeling, the taste and the sensation…but you can’t really call it a meal. It’s unsubstantial.

Now, I’m not exactly saying snacking is a bad thing…I just think I’m more of a meal girl, you know what I mean? I want something filling, that I can enjoy whole-heartedly without worrying. Meals are taken care of, set. Their not spontaneous snacks that throw off your diet, but they’re…settled. Good for you.

I am one of those sappy romantics who actually believes in true love. I know it exists, because Christ died for all of humanity. I mean, if that’s not crazy love, I don’t know what is. Willing to die for not one person, but all people from the beginning of time? I’ll say.

So…snacking. Let’s just say…why do I want a Mac Wrap if I could have 5 star steak later on? ^ ^





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