A recent spur of events have spurred me onto the topic of unsure footing. If you know me, I’m the type of person who thrives on wishy-washy, half-thought-out, shrug your shoulder decision making skills. I can never make a decision on anything from what to eat to what to do with the rest of my life…Suffice to say, I was born confused.

However, I do know some things for sure. I am certain of God’s grace and mercy. I know for certain I am loved. I in turn hope to love others. So…what do you do when someone doesn’t share this perspective? What do you do when you want to care for someone who doesn’t know what they want?

I think it’s best to care from afar. Yes, perhaps there is a connection between you two. Perhaps a possibility or even a promise. But…don’t you want to be pursued? Don’t you want to be desired? I think there’s something wrong with coaxing a dying flame. There should be a bit of the thrill of the chase, even the smallest hint of it. I’m not saying girls shouldn’t make the first move or stand back and watch as another girl steals away their date. I’m speaking more about genuine interest. Sometimes, it pays to let uncertainty do its work…if they truly want something with you, they will look for it. If not…do you really want to chase someone around for the rest of your life, without anything in return?

Born confused,



One thought on “{Uncertainty}

  1. I think you already know what you want.

    “… what do you do when someone doesn’t share this perspective?”

    Shared genuine interest towards something that is far greater than each other (God) is more lasting than, well, the focus on each other. Not that there shouldn’t be any interest in each other at all, but if that was the primary focus, the honeymoon would be over pretty quick.

    God’s love in us and our focus in Him makes us beautiful and desirable. If they don’t share that perspective, then all they desire is you; your personality, your face, your body, nothing more – and time and age will make our youthful body undesirable. But if we have the eternal in us, then it changes everything. Nothing else matters as much: not what you eat, not what you wear …

    I ramble …

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