Little Tips & Big Joy: Friends Who Matter

Friends. <3

Hello, Friends.

At first, this was going to be a post on the business of backstabbers. However, I have written profusely on that topic & no longer wish to explore that dark past. Let’s simply say, people who have been “bad” do not necessarily get the comeuppance they deserve; instead, they can be perfectly creative or successful; granted, even artistic…but that DOES NOT make them a friend or moral by any means. That is all.

This post is about good, honest to goodness friends that devote hard work and effort into maintaining a functional relationship. Friendship is like…baking. You gotta have all the right ingredients, but also the skills and patience to work the darn dough. You can’t just abuse your flour by dousing it in soda or salt…you have to love it. It takes stretching, rolling and all sorts of time, but the end result is delicious. Bad friends come out like flat French bread – tough, way to rough & hard to swallow. It leaves a bad taste in your mouth. Good friends? Buttery, flavorful & warm. No one likes a nice looking package without much substance.

So, friends should be:

1. Awesome – there are so many ways this trait can manifest itself. They bring you medicine, soup and good humor when you get sick. Instead of ripping you apart for making a mistake, they shrug it off. They make you DIY gifts for free. Or, you know, they just are.

2. Loving – the girl (or guy) has got to show some compassion. C’mon. Can’t buy my love, you gotta share some to get some. They know when to girl talk and when to jump to action. They speak up for you or tell someone off. They know when to cut you off or let you go.

3. Honest – THIS is the heart of friendship. You need someone you can trust, who you can lay your life down for and who would do the same for you (John 15:13). Find someone who knows when to get your back…meaning, all the time.


To make friends, just be a friend. Treat anyone like they deserve to be treated – God’s masterpiece. That includes frenemies…if they want to be bitter and sour, let them. It just makes them look ridiculous and makes you look radiant, darling.


Love & Blessings,




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