Things I’ve Learned at Schipohl

Oh, Amsterdam. I have just met you, & I find myself susceptible to your quirky ways.

To mention a few:

1. Exchanging gifts at break-neck speed because you need to check back in? Pretty awesome. Think about jamming as much friendship as you can in half an hour. Short but sweet.

2. Eating fancy shcmancy sammiches with smoked salmon & bacon-that-is-not-called-bacon. Yummm.

3. Realizing your father forgot to tell you your metal credit card’s smart chip pin. Oops.

4. Realizing all the Europeans behind you in queue think you’re dumb, as does the snobby cashier. Yaaaay.

5.Eating sammiches with fresh apple juice? Makes up for cranky Europeans.

6. Free cheese samples. ERRYWHERE.

7. Dancing in the airport is fun, but remember to lock your Ipod to keep it from shuffling songs and throwing your Charleston groove off.

8. Bathrooms where you don’t know what the large button does….did it just flush the toilet? Because last time it turned out the light…hmmm…

9. Self check-ins. They even reprint for silly people like me who manage to get boarding passes sticky…

10. Airports much nicer and efficient than LAX. Awesome.

Okay, I know I said I’d lay off the technology for awhile, but I’m bored out of my wits at Gate C18 as my jet-lagged teammates and I try to make our next connecting flight. We are still excited, but exhausted from crazy LAX attendants (Delta is the devil), nearly missing a flight & cute Dutch couples with extremely small bladders (that politely asked me to use the restroom past me every hour or so). Despite all this, God is good. I learned quite a lot at this short stint in Amsterdam. Patience, grace & maturity for a few. Man, attendants are scary when they’re mad or frustrated.

Waiting for Hungary desperately.






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