To the Rude Guy at Tesco,

You ranted at me that, “I was going to close that door, JUST so you know.”

Nice English. Not so nice words. You’re lucky I’m a Christian and currently abroad as an ambassador for the U.S.

If I weren’t on such a task, I would tell you to bite me. Also, that you need to learn some manners and stop taking out your passive aggression on people just trying to HELP you. It’s not like I would want to steal your first born child or anything. I would hope that you drowned in the cheap wine you bought. I would hope your cheese contained some rare form of cholera and turned you bright green temporarily. 


But I’m a Christian teacher. So I wouldn’t say that.

That is all.


Have a fantastic day, you mean-spirited git.

~Disgruntled Patron




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