Win(some)…Lose some. :)

Hello, my loves!


Living and alive in Budapest, surprise surprise.

Bringing you another little tip for big joy –learning to thrive alone.

I used to be one of those girls who were desperately lonely. In my single moments of the past, and by moments I mean years of course, I always longed to be in a relationship. I wanted to be loved, cared for and longed for. I wanted someone to want me to the point I was willing to sacrifice anything…I didn’t realize this crazy desire jeopardized everything I believed in, eating away at the core of who I was. I was so invested in finding someone, I sacrificed myself. To attract a guy, I gave up my beloved hobbies, solitary activities and even my weird quirks that just made me, me…

Anyways, years passed slowly. I loved, I lost. I won some, I lost some. Through it all, I learned to be winsome. I learned, the hard way, that I’m never really alone. Even with everyone’s backs turned, I can still run to God. There is always space at the foot of the Cross, if not at a table for two. 

In case you didn’t know, I’m always the girl who is picked last. It seems that when it comes to relationships, guys never give me a second thought. Or…they never give me a first though to begin with…bwahaha. But seriously, I am always the unlucky one in love who is stupid enough to pine after guys who don’t love her back. 


If anything, traveling by myself has taught me the beauty of being single. Girls, BEING SINGLE IS A BLESSING. Please, ladies, value this alone time you have with God. Run to Him, revel in His perfect love for you, His beloved. There’s that timeless quote that says a woman should be so in love with God that a man must go through God to love her. A purified heart should be guarded because it is the WELLSPRING of LIFE itself. My gorgeous ladies out there, don’t invest in men. Invest in God’s future for you, His impeccable grace. Never will He EVER leave you or forsake you. He will be by your side, forever and always like you’ve desired. Our desires for love aren’t wrong, they’re misplaced. Finding love among the commoners isn’t a bad thing, it’s just settling for less. The Bible describes God as not only loving, but the very definition of love.


So lead your heart today. Lead it back to the one who actually knows what to do with it, not trample it to pieces or leave it high and dry in a forgotten cupboard. Give it to the Lover of your soul, lady.


“2 My beloved has gone down to his garden
    to the beds of spices,
to graze[a] in the gardens
    and to gather lilies.
3 I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine;
    he grazes among the lilies.” ~Song of Solomon 6, ESV


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