Fight Another Day

Another week has come and gone. What a beautiful time we had this week in particular.


School was a bit slow, with only our most diligent pupils popping in for their daily lessons. I enjoyed Friday with Shadab, as we got to work on tongue twisters and lateral thinking puzzles. Such a bright young man! Otherwise, lessons ran like clockwork, and we got out early around 3pm each day. 

After lessons, I went to my weekly swing dancing, improving on rotations and learning a fun lindy routine with Marcell and Nora. I had some epic dances with awesome, cheerful Budapestians. I also hung out with some expats along the way. With a smattering of solo Charleston, the evenings were wonderful, albeit humid.


How was the weekend? Phenomenal. To start off, we broke out a little sip of wine to drink by the Danube. We enjoyed a quietly pleasant sunset alongside the coast.


Bre and I explored the more discreet parts of Budapest, explored by both tourists and locals alike. Saturday morning started with a hike to the Lady with the Leaf. I have no idea who she is actually called or the symbolism of her stature on the hill, but it was a fun hour-long paved hike up to her monument. Bre and I found some slides on the way as well.



Afterwards, we ate at a place recommended to us by the center director, Dora. Tranzit Cafe is a delightful little bistro full of retro decorations, decadent coffee and scrumptious sandwiches. I had focaccia smothered in cheese, veggies and ham alongside a towering cup of Istanbul coffee. Later, we lounged in the hammocks outside for a quick nap before heading home.




After a lazy dance movie afternoon, Bre and I hit up Pink Cadillac for some pizza. We each had one whole pizza to ourselves. Yummmm. I had Cyprus, a mix of leeks, chicken, tomatoes, feta and olives. We also happened to drop by the new Italian gelato place, Mamo, and got FREE gelato. Generous portions too. I had two huge scoops of a strawberry shortcake mixture and grapefruit. Light and tasty, much more like froyo and so refreshing.


We ended the night with some scary movies, including Noroi: The Curse and Alone, Japanese and Thai horror respectively. Let’s just say I had to spend some time watching Jenna Marbles to recover from my jitteriness. And I may or may not have slapped my roommate (gently) when she made groaning noises at me in an attempt to scare me in the bathroom. That happened.

Today, we had a late morning before heading down the street to Manga Cowboy. It’s an awesome Asian-American restaurant full of burgers and pop culture references. I got the Big Kahuna Burger from Pulp Fiction! I felt so legit after that, not going to lie. 



After dessert and some quiet time at home, we headed off to Margaret Island. It’s this little subculture island in between Buda and Pest full of people who love to lounge in the sun, swim and exercise. My kind of people. We got to the main fountain just in time to see the synchronized music water show. Pretty epic and perfectly timed. After much time spent lounging in the grass and braiding flowers, we headed home to more Mamo gelato. I had tiramisu, peach and lemon. Perfect way to end our day trip.



Later tonight, we’ll be heading off to Golgota’s 7pm service. I can’t wait! I really need to hear some words of wisdom. Despite all the fun we’ve had this week, I’m having some tension back home, so please keep me in your prayers.


Please pray for:

~my confidence and trust in God as the One in control

~my ability to work with others 

~Bre and my last week at the refugee center

~trusting that everything’s going according to His plan

~my trust in God rather than friends or other people; I think this is the main reason for how upset I’ve become this week.

~continued thankfulness for God’s blessings.


Thank you all. I couldn’t have such beautiful memories without your support.


In Christ,






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