Pastors Behaving Badly: Rick Warren & Racism

I can’t even deal with this ridiculous behavior, as covered by Angry Asian Man here, right now.

I can’t even.


Not cool, Rick Warren. (credits for photo to Angry Asian Man)

First of all, not all Christians are white middle Americans who find this sort of thing funny. “Oh, haha, I posted that my staff is like the Red Army.” Pastor Rick Warren, I think you should be informed that my entire grandparents’ generation suffered through the Cultural Revolution while my parent’s generation grew up under Mao. So no, no I do NOT find your racist Red Army poke about your Saddleback staff humorous. At all. Making fun of this propoganda to Asian-Americans is the equivalent of making Nazi jokes in a Jewish-American household. Rick Warren, your post was about as much fun as I found Abercrombie & Fitch’s racist t-shirt campaign featuring the Wong brothers and the pun on making things “white.” Let’s not get into how un-funny you are.

I get it, pastors make mistakes too. But pastors, being in a position of power, need to realize the influence they have. Also, God judges teachers more harshly. It’s time to get familiar with Scripture. I’m sure you’re reaching out to people who are Asian-American, so please don’t pull this sort of gimmick.

I am a Christian. I am also Asian-American. I just wanted to say, Pastor Rick Warren, you behaved badly. However, I know that you are saved by God’s grace. Also, I really enjoyed your books on the purpose-driven path, so I know, theologically, you’re pretty sound. Just cut the Red Army propoganda postings, okay? Deal? Deal.


2 thoughts on “Pastors Behaving Badly: Rick Warren & Racism

  1. Somehow I don’t find this offensive. When I see this pic, I don’t see red army, I see an actress in a revolutionary opera, posing to look enthusiastic. Maybe I am too Americanized? Mmmm…

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