That’s Racist {Moment of the Week #1}

Can we just talk about these racist girls who decided to post a Youtube video about the black community at their Gainesville high school recently? Apart from dropping the N word a ridiculous amount of times, they believe in an outmoded, essentialist version of race. Let me just say, race is NOT a biological concept but a socio-historical one. These two girls had to drop out of high school due to their unsightly conduct. Absolutely, ridiculously racist. So, in honor of the first “That’s Racist” Moment of the Week, let’s do a little roast, shall we?


Learn how to speak properly, girls. Perhaps get educated a bit?

To the Two Racist High Schoolers,

How dare you. How dare you comment on other people simply for the color of their skin and not, as MLKJ would say, “the content of their character.” You have NO RIGHT to talk about educated, hardworking individuals like that, simply because you live a more privileged lifestyle than they do.

Are you blind to the majority culture advantages you receive? Do you not know that many people in minorities are treated differently by prospective bosses because of how we look, not even who we are? Do you not know that we are aspiring, that we have dreams, that we have families we love? I guess not. Because to you two, we as minority students will only be seen by our accents or our “chinky” eyes or the amount of melanin in our skin. To you, we will never be seen by our motivation or our persistence or our sheer courage to walk into a culture which doesn’t accept us.

Excuse you. Excuse you for talking about about minorities as statistics, that “10% of Asians or whatever.” You don’t know us. You obviously don’t know any of us. Please shut up and go read some articles before you hurt yourself with your blatant, blanket statements.

To end, most of those African Americans will achieve far more than you ever dreamed of. Just so you know, people who experience hardship early in life usually come out better for it later. Most likely, several of the individuals you insulted will go on to own their own business or become CEOs of companies that you might work for at a entry-level job.

So remember to not be racist. Because we will remember you two and the things you said.

Smart idea. Post it on Youtube where the whole social media blogosphere can witness your ridiculous bigot attitude.

That’s Racist, girls, and now you know it.


9 thoughts on “That’s Racist {Moment of the Week #1}

  1. You and the rest can attack these two your ladies all that you want. Certainly, nobody on the PC side of the issue will ever complain about your doing so…or anything else that anyone, especially a minority, did to these two young American women in reprisal. That doesn’t, however, change the fact that they’re right and speaking the Gods’ honest truth – though with a lot sarcasm and frustration.

    As for biology vs. culture – You’re absolutely right…But nobody on the Left will accept that “Black” is a culture because we’re sort of “allowed” not to like a foreign culture and also sort of “allowed” to blame a culture for its members failures…and that won’t meet the PC crowd’s agenda.

    • Thank you for your feedback! It’s very interesting that you call minorities the “PC Crowd” and “the Left” given that this was never mentioned in the post.
      I’m not on any side, I just feel like these girls are attacking people, which they are.

      Excuse me “God’s honest truth?” I’m not sure I understand.
      Where is the Scriptural basis for your assertion?

    • Also, just some things I want to point out:
      1. You’re doing so, not “your” doing so. Please use correct grammar in a rebuttal.
      2. “these two young American.” Excuse you. I possess an American passport and am just as American as those two girls, possibly more so because I’ve been living in America for longer than they have been alive. I’m actually a double Honors English literature and Psychology major.
      3. I realize that “God’s honest truth” is an idiom, you do not have to be condescending in your 2nd comment. However, there is no Scriptural basis for your use of this idiom. Also, watch the possessive in God’s, not “Gods’.” If you’re going to use an idiom, use it correctly.

      “We’re sort of ‘allowed’ to blame a culture for its members failures.” That’s just blatantly racist.
      Thank you! Your comment will make an appearance in a future posting.

      • One – Thanks for the grammar corrections, I guess – assuming it wasn’t a cheap attempt at belittlement. I do get sloppy sometimes when typing.

        Two – Gods’ – possessive plural – was deliberate. I’m not a monotheist. Also, my reply to your comment on that phrase was such as it was only because you asked for a Scriptural basis for it whereas I meant it only for emphasis.

        Three – Blaming a culture is racist? Please! Unless you’re going to assert that culture is race and race is culture, you’ve no basis for the claim, insofar as I can see.

        Four – As for “American” – Insecure much? I never claimed you weren’t one yourself and, frankly, didn’t really care.

      • Insecurity, really? Whatever floats your boat, man. However, you were the one who made the phrase salient. The fact is, you don’t want to see advantages where they lie. If that makes you feel better about yourself, so be it. It doesn’t change the socio-economic conditions of our world, it only proves constant. Some of us want more than what society currently offers.

  2. Sorry for the confusion. I didn’t mean to imply that minorities were, as a whole, part the “PC Crowd” and “the Left.” They aren’t; they just think they’re – well, the Blacks. I can’t speak for the Asians – capitalizing on those groups.

    And yes, the girls were attacking people, just as the “pundits” of Young Turks were and just as you were. The difference seems to be who is protected and who is fair game… and that division sure seems to be based upon race.

    And finally, “God’s honest truth” is just idiom. It’s not a matter of any sect’s scripture or dogma.

    • I don’t know what you’re trying to say. She’s calling out their racist opinion. But honestly, your reference to “the Blacks” and “the Asians” define them in a narrow and prejudiced niche. If calling them out on racism is wrong and judgmental, then where does civil justice fall? Is it then wrong to call someone out for verbally attacking someone else based on their race or gender? Dude. Check yo privilege.

      • The problem is that, as I said, those girls’ opinion is, essentially, correct and backed up by experience. I can’t see where it’s racist to speak the truth. They also didn’t attack anyone based on their race; they attacked them based upon their behavior and the tenets of their culture. It’s not their fault that the culture in question is racially homogenous.

        As my use of “Black” and “Asian” – I use Black because the “Black Community” is still sadly the dominant culture of that race and the one that causes all the problems. Asians I just used as a shortcut, the same our host did. “Asian” like “Latino” or “Hispanic” is a meaningless term when discussing cultures.

      • Mr. Jonolan, what “truth” are you even referring to? “Tenets of their culture?” So you are acknowledging that there is a cultural separation between races, correct?

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