It Was Only Just a Dream

So, how did you sleep last night?

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I only ask because I have been having some insane dreams lately. I think this is pretty common for me, having grown up with a very active imagination. If you’ve ever seen Inception, you’ll know exactly what I mean. Twisted plots, endless action and interlacing story lines across several landscapes. 

Last night, I thought I heard three gunshots. Living on the fringe of a large city, this isn’t unheard of, but I’m still a bit weirded out. Three. I can tell you two occurred right after the other, the third a few moments later. A popping sound with the intensity of a cannon. I’m a bit scared to ask if anyone else heard it through the window last night.

A few weeks ago, I dreamt up a plot so elaborate I felt convinced I could write an entire book on the issue. I’m quite sure it had to do with impostors and wayward allegiances of some sort. I woke up, heart pattering away and convinced that I had the next bestseller. Alas, no such luck. I do remember lots of gray skies, plenty of car chases and searching for obscure clues in rundown, forgotten places. Oh, and running. Lots of that. And hiding from…someone. Hmm, perhaps I should try to write a short story or a screenplay.

Roommates and guests alike have commented on my strange sleeping habits. Many note how I talk in my sleep. Others have commented on how I’ve talked directly to them. Yikes. (That includes random exasperated commands.) Of course, I snore, but that’s relatively normal compared to the other things that have happened. I’ve woken up crying and incredibly sad, laughing hysterically and scared out of my wits. It’s as if my dream life is an extension of or an entirely other life that I live.

Sometimes, it seems so much more desirable. Like, my superhero or secret agent dreams, where I always catch the villain. Or, you know, when I can fly. Other times, it’s a relief to wake up to the comfortable reality of the everyday. Like, when I’m being chased by a serial killer or hunted down by an enemy of the state.

Regardless, I think I’ll be keeping a dream journal from now on. Just to catch some interesting plotlines and such. And possibly figure out why I’m always so tired after my active dreaming.

Many ZzzzZzzZz’s,



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