Thoughts on School Mornings

Time to get up...

Time to get up… (all credits to Animal Care College & Grumpy Cat)

  • This alarm is ruining my favorite song.
  • What do you mean that was my third alarm?
  • AHHHHHH-I’m late-I’m late-I’m late
  • Gah, dragon breath needs to die a Colgate death.
  • Do I have time for breakfast?
  • I can be late because of breakfast, right?
  • Why is the toaster making that mysterious ticking noise?
  • I unplugged it and it still ticks…what the…

10 minutes later…

  • I should wash my face. *splashes water haphazardly*
  • I should comb my hair. *shrugs*
  • I’m ready!
  • Where’s my phone? *runs back inside*
  • Did I turn off the A/C? *runs back inside*
  • I left the powerstrip on, noooo…. *runs back inside*

Another 5 minutes later…

  • I press the elevator button right before our floor…and it skips it.
  • It proceeds to go up passed my floor 20 levels…and back down again.
  • I wait longer than it would take me to just take the stairs.
  • I finally scoot to school! Huzzah!
  • Remember that awkward time I had to adjust my skirt during a light, forgetting there are other scooters behind me? Me too, me too.
  • SUCCESS! The finish line emerges at Cheng Gong Elementary.

Time to do that just a few more times this week. =___=’

Happy Monday, students and teachers!


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