That Taizhong Life

The weekend before the craziness of school, we jumped ship and went south to a little city called Taizhong (Taichung).


We promised one of our (former) soldier boy James (aka Mama Giraffe) that we would visit his hometown. His amazing family put us all up in their wonderful flat for an entire weekend. 龍龍, James’ adorable little pup, also welcomed us into their beautiful home.


We began the journey with some color, in a little known blogger hotspot called Rainbow Village. The gorgeous, vibrant environment reflected our own crazy personalities in the Yilan group. The fact that a street performer dressed like an artistically inclined Iron Man made a guest appearance to brighten our day. The painted streets and obvious backdrops turned everyone into supermodels for the afternoon. That, the terrific lighting and our high spirits added up to an amazing conglomeration of joy.

baobei bears footprints



bff Kerry



Dazzled by the beautiful colors and the refreshing breeze so foreign to those of us usually drenched in humidity, we traipsed into the city for a spot of dessert. Oh, but not just any dessert. A classy ice cream establishment inside a refurbished bank…that type of fancy. Actually, we originally wanted to go to the first shop, which was modeled after an optometry hospital…but the line was ridiculous. We luckily just gleaned the line for the second shop and avoided the queue craziness.



Ice cream making, especially waffle shell making, is a technical affair here.DSC_0324

The line we barely missed by coming just 20 minutes beforehand…mwahaha.icecream

Don’t let my photograph fool you…I may have gotten all fruit flavors and sorbets, but Barry had 3 scoops of chocolate, varying countries of origin and percentages (of course), that we shared…noms.

The grand finale, of course, were the Gao Mei Wetlands. Astonishing what a little water, windmill action and sand can do on a sunset. What a number.

amigos emi look


As the sun glinted off the wetlands and launched us into dusk, my travel companions whisked us away with lulling laughter and chatter. At our closing bbq, thanks to Mama Giraffe, I couldn’t help but think the highlight of the trip wasn’t any specific sight, but were in fact the beautiful people.


I love you guys. ^___^


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