Pressing Pause

Hello, blogosphere! Long time no talk.
Where in the world is Dulcet Denouement, eh?

After a bittersweet departure from Taiwan, I curled into the natural shape an introverted recluse reclaims after an intense, public year of service — onto the luxury of my old full-size bed and the decrepit couch in our living room. Yes, so much so that the confines of each took a gentle mold to my huddled form…(I might be exaggerating, just a little.)

Anyway, after recuperating with vast hoards of chocolate, ice cream, and massive quantities of hummus, I felt ready to tackle the world. After a year of subsisting on plain oatmeal and leftover refreshments from the counseling center in Luodong, it was nice to actually eat like a real-life human. Most of my days, I spent at home either shuttling my brother to soccer camp, manic-studying for my U.S. History test, or devoting myself to my kindred spirit, Netflix.

To be honest, I felt quite lonely those few months back home in the confines of my parent’s attic room. Forgotten, if I’m quite truthful with myself. My friends had all, of course, moved on with life since I left a year ago, and they didn’t really contact me during the week. Partially, I did get a new phone number, but very few back home made an effort to seek out my company or they were pursuing their own travels. Luckily, I left Chicago making at least one brief appearance at Fizz and eating with a few friends at various places. When you do something amazing like teach abroad for a year and come back to your ordinary life, it makes you feel a little overwhelmed. I was supremely difficult with my family, mostly because I felt so isolated from the world which was once so familiar to me.

Of course, my parents being the genuine and amazing people they are, decided to send us all off to Michigan in the middle of my ridiculous angst session. The dazzling sun and coastal winds managed to remind me just enough of Taiwan’s coast that I could let things go for a while. It helped that there was chocolate fudge gelato and cute puppies everywhere. The intuitive people that they are, my parents figured a short stay would help us all get out of our heads a bit.

DSC_0562 DSC_0563 DSC_0580 DSC_0609 DSC_0610

Between the murky waves, rusting lighthouses and perpetually starving seagulls, I remembered a little bit of what it was like to be independent again, wrestling my stubbornness between sunburns and sunsets. The holiday was far too short, but it reminded me how stir-crazy I can get in between places.

After Michigan, I was lucky enough to spend a short weekend in San Antonio with the boy. I took very few if any pictures, but despite the hours waiting at airports, it was nice to see such a lovely face after a month of solitude. It’s so nice doing even absolutely nothing with someone you love.

Visited the bae in San Antonio. #Riverwalk #SanAntonio #Texas #view #riverside

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Upon my trip back to Chicago, I met a few friends in our backyard–one a baby bunny and the other a stray kitten. The bunny I set free in our backyard, and the cat I nursed back to health with a few saucers of water and some Fancy Feast before she ran off one afternoon. Between those few encounters and some great hangouts with close friends, I moved away.


I’ve relocated to Nashville to further my studies as a soon-to-be English teacher. Besides posting excessively on Instagram about food and Yelp events, I have been trying out the local swing dance scene and adjusting slowly to life on another campus. It’s been a long road to post-Taiwan recovery, but I’m beginning to feel like I can be somebody again.

Here’s to rich lives, in spirit but not necessarily in pocket.



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