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Disclaimer: This is not an official state blog on behalf of Fulbright. All thoughts and posts are expressly those of the individual and do not speak for the organization as a whole.

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4 thoughts on “Beyond the Wordpress

  1. Hey hi!!Hi,i have sent the same msg to your facebook(others folder). I am karthigha from Singapore.I hope I dont come across as someone who is stalking you but I read your blog on your experiences at the Biscke camp,Hungary.I will be going there this summer.I would just like to know more about the place and the activities that you did there. I am only getting snippets of infor from my TN and that isnt convincing me. How was your experience there?Is the place safe?What was challenging for you?I really want to help the people there and learn a lot through this great opportunity.I really hope you see this and reply me before the trip.Thank you and have a nice day!My email add is

    • Hi there!

      I was actually at the Budapest Center, but I had several friends at Biscke. Based on their experiences, I’ve heard it’s quite challenging and a bit difficult to get used to. However, the girls who went did not regret one second of their missions trip. They also developed really close friendships with their students. There is some safety risk if you’re a girl, just always stick with a group and wear modest clothing.

      I hope this helps! Feel free to let me know if you have any other questions.

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